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Latest Podcast — November 7th, 2020
Podcast hiatus.

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I'm actually British, despite the accent that you hear on the show. Last weekend, the government over here decided to put England back into lockdown, with claims that we'd be free again in just a month's time. But as if to confirm everyone's worst fears, our Finance Minister has now brought back his furlough scheme from earlier in the year, and extended it until March. On top of that, our government is advertising for behavioral support staff to help control the public mood through its botched response to the pandemic, with those contracts running until the end of next September. In short, it now looks as though England will be in lockdown for many months to come. And while the previous lockdown didn't impact the business run by my partner too much, early signs are that this time will be very different, as everyone is far more stretched financially. Which means that I need to start pulling my weight, and putting my family first, rather than spending more of my time than you probably imagine producing a podcast.

So I'm afraid this is the last that you'll be hearing from me for now. If things pan out better than they're currently looking, the show may be back soon. But if not, this could be goodbye for a long time, or permanently. With that possibility in mind, thank you so much to everyone who has been listening to the podcast — and especially to those that have got in touch to show some love towards this odd little tech experiment. It really does mean a lot! And good luck to you all in staying happy and healthy through this current madness.

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