Tabs, Not Spaces

Longtime podcast listeners will probably remember Linux Luddites, hosted by Joe and Paddy. When Luddites shuttered, Joe went on to bigger and better things, while I vowed never to sit in front of a mic again.

Which posed a bit of a problem when I wanted to start my own podcast.

This show is the answer. While I do all of the legwork behind the scenes, a husky-voiced TTS engine grabs the limelight and wows the audience.

As well as hopefully being useful in its own right, the show is also a technology experiment. So there might come a day in the future when I need to shoot my current host in the head, and replace him with another. Podcasting can sometimes be brutal like that.

Meantime, if you contact the show you'll always be getting through to me, and not my sidekick. With that all said, hope you enjoy the podcast!

~ Paddy

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